About Us

My name is Dan and I have been a City of Milwaukee Police Officer for 18 years as well as serving in the U.S. Army. I have been apart of this amazing hobby for nearly 8 years having multiple tanks from Fowler predator tanks to full SPS dominated reef tanks. Sara has been in the reef industry for years allowing her to gain specialized knowledge and experience in aquarium maintenance, setups, coral selection and fish selection. Sara has specialized not only in saltwater aquariums; but freshwater aquariums  which allows her to give you personalized firsthand knowledge to help you with your aquarium needs.


Punisher Corals main goal is to assist its customers in bringing high quality corals, top of the line aquarium supplies to include tank set ups and maintenance. We want to help you in making your dream aquarium come to life!


As a first responder and veteran we want to give back to all that sacrifice for our country. For the first year we will be offering a discount of 10% to all active duty and retired military member as well as 10% off for all Law Enforcement, Firefighters and EMT’s. In order to receive the discount you must be able to provide proof of service or prior service. This is the only way to authorize discounts as well as verify validity of service. These discounts will apply to corals, maintenance and aquarium setups.


For our maintenance accounts we will have an awards program, if interested ask for details on how to become a member. For local orders, I will meet for delivery after corals are paid for in full, if you spend over $200.00 you will be able come to Punisher Corals HQ and pickup your order as well as see if you want to purchase anything else. Any coral request please ask and I will do my best to find you the coral you want.