Orphek Atlantik compact V4 Gen 2
Orphek Atlantik compact V4 Gen 2
Orphek Atlantik compact V4 Gen 2
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Orphek Atlantik compact V4 Gen 2

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Please remember we are a small run out of the house business. All products will be ordered directly from the manufacturer to us then to you.  We don't have the overhead of a store and are able to bring you the lowest price possible. 



All Orphek products are warranted for 1 year . During this period we will repair or replace the defective unit or part at our option, providing the following conditions have been met:

This limited warranty applies only to the original purchaser and is not transferable from the original consumer purchaser. In the event of a limited warranty claim, proof of purchase will be required. If you have purchased your Orphek product from a dealer, local shop or online shop, please contact them directly.

This warranty shall not apply:

  • To any damaged Orphek lighting product that has been subjected to accident, misuse, neglect, alteration, improper use or application, improper handling, improper transporting improper storage, improper installation, improper testing or unauthorized repair, operation outside recommended parameters (as described in the applicable product manual, for example, damage from saltwater spray or heat), power fluctuation or failure, subjection to abnormal physical or electrical stress, use of incompatible products, non-approved power supplies/connections, improper cleaning and use of incompatible cleaning products, or similar circumstances;
  • To any Orphek lighting product that has been exposed or submerged to water;
  • To cosmetic problems or defects that result from normal wear and tear under ordinary use, and do not affect the performance or use of the product; or
  • Acts of Nature.

This warranty applies only to a product that is manufactured by or for Orphek and identified by the Orphek trade name or product identification logo affixed to the product.

This warranty shall not apply if repairs have not been attempted by anyone other than our Customer service staff or any authorized agent or dealer, or under the instruction of our customer service staff. Any attempts at self-repair shall void this limited warranty.

This warranty does not confer rights other than those expressly set out above and does not cover any claims for consequential loss or damage. Orphek shall not be held liable for damage to any aquarium, aquarium life forms, or any other personal objects due to improper use of the device.

This limited warranty does not cover, damage to products incurred in the shipping of the product (s). Orphek has chosen carefully its transportation & delivery partners, but sometimes damage may occur for many reasons. In this case, you should verify our shipping policies.

Shipping Policies

We operate a no return & no refund of products policy.

Damage during shipping

Inspect your package on arrival for any severe damage that may have occurred during shipment. It is normal for the shipping carton to show some wear, however, if damage has occurred to your item(s):

It is essential that you retain the shipping box, packing material, and the damaged items for inspection by the carrier company.

Have all the information about the purchased product, including its shipping tracking number at hand when you contact the carrier.

Contact the local shipping company immediately.

Check their policies for refunding the money in case of damaged products.

Orphek will not be held responsible for damages occurring during the shipment and delivery of its products.